Divorce Lawyers in Chandigarh

Experienced and competent representation in Divorce matters in Chandigarh by the best divorce lawyers in Chandigarh. Simran Law is a divorce law firm having expertise in providing legal advice to domestic and international clients embroiled in matrimonial disputes. The law firm represents clients facing family law issues as described below. Every divorce case is unique and needs thorough research for its successful resolution. As leading divorce lawyers in Chandigarh, we are committed to provide the best of services to our clients. Our lawyers are experts in their respective fields and we guide our clients on how their divorce cases can be solved in the most convenient manner so that emotional strife attached with seeking a divorce is the least. Our law firm also strives to resolve divorce cases and other divorce related issues between spouses in an efficient and cost effective manner. Resolutions may come through mediation in district court or Punjab and Haryana Mediation Center or through litigation in court. Our law firm has extensive litigation experience. Apart from divorce and annulment cases, we have argued cases involving maintenance u/s 125 & 24, child custody and support, and section 498A dowry cases with reasonable success.